EOCCO August 2022 Provider Newsletter
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EOCCO August 2022 Provider Newsletter—08/29/2022

EOCCO Clinics & Staff,

Welcome to the August 2022 issue of the EOCCO monthly newsletter. Below is a preview of the articles you will find in this month's email:

  • 2022 EOCCO's Annual Workshop
  • Community Benefit Initiative Reinvestments (CBIR) and SHARE Applications 
  • SHARE Initiative 
  • Quarter 2 - 2022 Language Access Report 
  • Upcoming Events & Trainings
  • Health Care Interpreter Training Program 
  • Optum Edit
  • Program Long COVID for Oregon Clinicians

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or recommendations. We would love to hear from you!

Please contact: Kelly Watanabe at kelly.watanabe@eocco.com

Thank you,
Your EOCCO Team

2022 EOCCO's Annual Workshop

Please join us for our annual workshop. This year we are back presenting these workshops in person. Topics include: Prioritized List of Covered Services, Referrals and Authorizations, Incentive Measures, Behavioral Health, Claims, Compliance, EOCCO programs, Summit Health Medicare Advantage and more!


October 4th, 2022 – Condon

9:00 am - 12:00 pm PTD


October 4th, 2022 – Pendleton

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm PTD


October 5th, 2022 – La Grande

8:30 am - 11:00 am PTD


October 5th, 2022 – Enterprise

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm PTD

October 6th, 2022 – Baker City

8:00 am – 10:30 am PTD


October 6th, 2022 – Ontario

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm Local Time (MDT)


October 11th, 2022 – John Day

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm PTD


October 12th, 2022 – Burns

8:00 am - 10:30 am PTD


October 12th, 2022 – Lakeview

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm PTD


Please visit the 2022 EOCCO Workshops page to sign up today!


Community Benefit Initiative Reinvestments (CBIR) and SHARE Applications

EOCCO is pleased to release the 2023 Community Benefit Initiative Reinvestments (CBIR) and SHARE Applications. Depending on project type, eligible applicants may include but are not limited to: primary care practices, dental clinics, behavioral health providers, departments of health, nonprofit organizations, school-based health centers, tribal nations, public health departments, and tribal programs. Included in the 2023 CBIR application package are three funding opportunities:

  1. Transformation Application: This includes “Opt-In” projects aimed at specific incentive measures and opportunities for continuing current projects funded in 2022. For the 2023 application cycle, Opt-in projects are focused on the following areas: health information technology; language access services; traditional health worker services, kindergarten readiness, and HbA1c direct mail program.
  2. New Ideas Application: This application allows applicants to propose novel ideas focused on the topic areas outlined in the application form, including incentive measures, new collaborations, telehealth and broadband capacity, behavioral health integration, workforce strategies, assessing and addressing health disparities, and assessing and addressing health-related social needs.
  3. Public Health Application: This application allows applicants to propose projects lead by public health departments to improve the health and wellbeing of EOCCO members and their communities.

The deadline for CBIR applications is September 23, 2022. If you have any questions, or are unsure which application to pursue, please contact the CBIR TA team at CBIR@ohsu.edu


SHARE Initiative

Last year EOCCO was pleased to announce a new grant opportunity focused on housing. The Supporting Health for All through REinvesment (SHARE) Initiative aims to address social determinants of health while improving housing in Eastern Oregon. After a successful grant period, EOCCO is pleased to offer this opportunity again, with up to $1.5 million available in total funding.  Eligible applicants can apply for funding between $15,000 to $250,000. Those awarded funding must successfully complete their proposed project in Eastern Oregon within 36 months of the award start date of January 1, 2023.

The deadline for SHARE applications is August 31, 2022. For more information see the SHARE application or visit the EOCCO Grants webpage.  If you have any questions please contact the CBIR TA team at CBIR@ohsu.edu.


Quarter 2 - 2022 Language Access Report

The Q2 2022 Language Access Report will be due to EOCCO on 9/14/22. This will include all visits where an interpreter was used between 4/1/22 – 6/30/22.

If your site needs some assistance collecting information EOCCO can pull a report based on claims data for members who have indicated that their preferred language is not English. Please note that there may be additional members outside this list that used language assistance.

If you have any questions or would like to request a pre-filled report please contact eoccometrics@modahealth.com


Upcoming Events & Trainings

EOCCO Summit

Join us for the 10th Annual EOCCO Summit being held virtually and in person this September.  This two-day event will focus discussions on transformational health care, motivational interviewing, access, housing, traditional health workers, health equity and more!  We welcome all community and clinic partners to join us.

Community and Clinic Session: Wednesday, September 21, 9am – 4:30 pm PST, online or at the Wildhorse Resort and Casino in Pendleton, Oregon.

Clinician and Care Team Session: Friday, September 23, 8am – 10:15am PST (online only)

Register today at EOCCO Clinician and Staff Summit or contact eoccometric@modahealth.com for more information.


Health Care Interpreter Training Program

EOCCO is excited to announce that we have partnered with Oregon State University to develop a Spanish Health Care Interpreter (HCI) training program that launches this fall.  This program is designed to align with the Oregon Health Authority’s qualified interpreter designation. Throughout the 8-week course individuals will develop skills such as interpreting in a health care setting, ethics, medical terminology, and more.

Classes will be held online and in person with the first cohort taking place in Hermiston, Oregon in September 2022. Students can anticipate 8 hours of coursework each week (which typically consists of 6 hours online, self-paced, and 2 in-person or via live online training). Individuals who are proficient in English and Spanish and are interested in becoming an OHA qualified interpreter are encouraged to explore this professional development opportunity.  If you have questions, or if you would like to receive updates on this program email EOCCOmetrics@modahealth.com. Scholarships are available to eligible applicants located in the Eastern Oregon service area.


Optum Edit

Starting for hospital claims processed on September 14th 2022, EOCCO will have an edit in place to ensure correct bilateral billing from Critical Access Hospitals as outlined in the CMS Claim Processing Manual Chapter 4, Section 250.11, CMS Transmittal R1777CP.

Bilateral procedures submitted on TOB 085X with revenue codes 096X, 097X or 098X when the bilateral procedure code is billed with the RT and LT modifiers and the payment policy indicator is 1 or 3 will be denied to provider responsibility. Claims with the LT and RT modifiers will also be denied to provider responsibility when modifier 50 applies.


Program Long COVID for Oregon Clinicians

Registration is now open for Fall ECHO programs offered by the Oregon ECHO Network. This fall OEN is excited to announce their new program, Long COVID for Oregon Clinicians. This 12-session program will support clinicians, staff and other healthcare professionals diagnose, educate, and manage the symptoms of patients living with Long COVID. Due to grant requirements, we will prioritize clinicians from Baker, Umatilla, Wasco, Gilliam, Hood River and Sherman counties as well as healthcare practitioners serving older adults, Latino populations, and those working in medically underserved communities. Continuing education credits are available, and each program is offered at no cost to you or your workplace. 

Virtual sessions take place on Thursdays, noon - 1 p.m., September 15 - December 8, 2022.Click here to register.



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