EOCCO Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Community Advisory Council


We take an active role in improving the health and wellness of our members and communities.

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is a group of locally identified volunteers from each of the 12 EOCCO counties who have interest in these health deliverables in their respective community. The goal of the CAC is to engage members to take an active role in improving their own health and the health of their community. For more information, see the local advisory community council charter.

EOCCO Community Advisory Council is open to the public for meeting dates and times in your county — see a schedule. Public comment is encouraged at CAC meetings. EOCCO is committed to listening to the community and working together to improve healthcare.

To learn more about the EOCCO Community Advisory Council and how to get involved, please contact Troy Soenen at 503-894-1751, or email him at troy.soenen@gobhi.net.

Chronic non-cancer pain management

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Community health worker training modules

Oregon community health worker training

An innovative online Community Health Worker (CHW) online and on-site training program is designed to support progress in public health outcomes for Eastern Oregonians.