Chronic pain management resources

Chronic pain management resources


Learn new guidelines for tapering patients with chronic pain from the use of opioids.

Guideline notes

Oregon Health Authority coverage and guideline decisions

Learn more about OHA’s coverage and guideline decisions for the treatment of back and spine pain.



Medication Assisted Treatment

EOCCO has a multidisciplinary team for Medication Assisted Treatment. Click here to learn more. 

Chronic non-cancer pain management

Learn more about updated guidelines and requirements for chronic non-cancer pain management.

Resources for tapering off prescription opioids

For additional resources on tapering patients with chronic pain off opioids.

Authorization requirements

Learn more about authorization requirements.

Provider and member forums on chronic non-cancer pain management documentation

Below are the presentations and supplemental documents that were shared at the forums. Please email with any questions about the content below or for more information about the forums.

Provider forum presentations

Provider forum supplemental documents

Provider resources

Community forum presentations

Community resources