EOCCO incentive measures
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Incentive measures

Incentive measures


Incentive measures were developed by the State of Oregon to help motivate EOCCO providers to deliver high-quality services that improve the health of your patients and the surrounding community.

High-quality health metrics show how well EOCCO is improving care, increasing access to care, reducing health disparities, and attempting to control the rising cost of health care.

The Oregon Health Authority’s Metrics and Scoring Committee has created outcome and quality measures. The funds from a quality pool are awarded to EOCCO based on the annual performance of these measures.

EOCCO 2023 Calendar Year Timeline

EOCCO 2022 Calendar Year Timeline

Introduction to the 2022 Incentive Measure Program

EOCCO Quality Pool Distribution Plan 2022

Tools and Resources

Arcadia training on how to use their platform

Arcadia is a team of data experts who focus on value-based care. They use EHR data to summarize and provide statistical analysis. Their applications include quality improvement, care management, cost and utilization, patient management outreach, and much more.  For more information, you can visit their website at arcadia.io or contact EOCCOmetrics@modahealth.com.

SBIRT & Depression Screenings

Systems-Level Social Emotional Health

Oral Evaluation for Adults with Diabetes

Cigarette Smoking Prevalence

Prenatal & postpartum care

Childhood Metrics

Meaningful Language Access

Reducing Emergency Department Utilization

Reference guides

To ensure your services qualify for incentive measures, the following guides can help you understand how services like proactive screenings and annual well-care visits can benefit your practice and your patients’ overall health and wellbeing.

Incentive Measure Guides


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EOCCO members should have their member ID number ready for quicker help.

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