EOCCO Grants


We reinvest in the EOCCO to help providers and members learn, plan and implement strategies to reduce health concerns in Eastern Oregon.

Grant applications

EOCCO is pleased to release the 2019 Community Benefit Initiative Reinvestments Applications. Included in the 2019 application package are three funding opportunities:

  1. Transformation ApplicationThis includes “Opt-In” projects aimed at specific incentive measures and opportunities for continuing a 2017 or 2018 project
  2. LCAC Application: This includes the opportunity for Local Community Advisory Councils to apply for funds allotted to their counties to implement projects aimed at improving the health of their communities
  3. New Ideas Application: This application allows applicants to propose novel ideas focused on the topic areas outlined in the application form, including incentive measures, new collaborations, access to care and workforce issues, and behavioral health integration. Please note several changes to this funding opportunity from the 2018 year:
    1. Increased definition of focus areas of specific interest to EOCCO
    2. Specific application due dates throughout the year

We will be holding two webinar options to review these funding opportunities in greater detail and answer questions. Information is below. Please note that being at a computer is best, as we will share a screen with slides. If you cannot be at a computer, you may phone in using the information below.

Webinar Information 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sankirtana Danner at danners@ohsu.edu.

Previous EOCCO grants awarded