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Services & Support

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is a program for children with autism. It is based on the science of learning and behavior. ABA therapy leads to better behaviors from the child. It reduces behaviors that may be harmful or interfere with learning.

EOCCO covers ABA therapy.

Members must have a referral from a qualified doctor for ABA services. The referral must say that ABA is needed to treat the Member’s autism symptoms.

To learn more, individuals can contact their local community mental health program.

Systems of Care/ Wraparound Initiative

What is Systems of Care?

Systems of Care is a set of services and supports for youth and families who have health or other challenges. It is also a program for youth and families that are at risk of having challenges. These services help families overcome barriers in the system and function better in life.

What is Wraparound?

Wraparound is a team planning process. It uses Systems of Care to help youth and their families reach a common goal.

10 principles of Wraparound

  1. Family driven & youth guided
  2. Strengths-based
  3. Natural supports
  4. Individualized
  5. Cultural and linguistic responsiveness
  6. Team-based
  7. Community-based
  8. Collaboration
  9. Persistence
  10. Outcome-based

System of Care core values

  1. Family driven and youth guided
  2. Community-based
  3. Cultural and linguistic responsiveness

Who is eligible for Wraparound?

  1. Medicaid eligible
  2. Multi-system involved (mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, developmental disabilities, medical, mental health needs affecting academic, social and emotional developmental progress) (IEP/504)
  3. Youth ages 0-17
  4. Identified family/guardian and youth are willing to engage in the Wraparound process
    • Wraparound is a voluntary process and not a mandatory service
  5. Care coordination needs cannot be met by other system partners

Automatic acceptance

Youth at the following levels of care are automatically accepted into Wraparound:

  • Secure Adolescent Inpatient Program (SAIP),
  • Secure Children’s Inpatient Program (SCIP),
  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services (PRTS), or
  • Commercially Sexually Exploited Children’s (CSEC) residential program

If terms are not agreed to after automatic acceptance, an agreement to decline Wraparound services must be signed.

How do I get accepted?

Each county has their own referral packet. However, any youth, family, provider or community member can fill out a referral packet (click on your county’s link below for a referral packet).

When your referral packet is completed and submitted to the county, someone from the program will contact you to orient you to the Wraparound Review Committee. If you make a referral, it is expected that you will present to the review committee.

The committee will review your referral and decide if it is approved based on program criteria and available space.

Baker county
Gilliam county
Grant county
Harney county
Lake county
Malheur county
Morrow county
Sherman county
Umatilla county
Union county
Wallowa county
Wasco county (Hood River/Sherman)
Wheeler county


Customer Service: 888-788-9821 (TTY users: 711)
Hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST

EOCCO members should have their member ID number ready for quicker help.

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