EOCCO Community Advisory Council (CAC)

Advisory councils


We take an active role to improving the health and wellness of our members. Working together, we make sure the processes are in place to provide the best available care and support to our communities.

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) is a group of locally identified volunteers from each of the 12 EOCCO counties who have interest in these health deliverables in their respective community. The goal of the CAC is to engage members to take an active role in improving their own health and the health of their community.

The CAC is open to the public for meeting dates and times in your county (see schedules by county, below). Public comment is encouraged at CAC meetings. EOCCO is committed to listening to the community and working together to improve healthcare.

Each of the 12 CACs partner with their local public health authority, local mental health authority, hospital systems and community leaders to develop a shared Community Health Assessment (CHA) process and assess developing Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs).

Community Advisory Council

EOCCO Community Advisory Council Contact List

To learn how to get involved in the CAC, please contact Troy Soenen at 503-894-1751 or by email at tsoenen@gobhi.org. You may also see the local CAC charter

The EOCCO Regional Community Health Improvement Plan

The Regional Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) represents all 12 counties that are included in the EOCCO.