Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) recently amended OAR 410-141-3855 to now require CCO contracted providers to check the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) before prescribing controlled substances. The amendment also outlines the following:

  1. “Providers shall maintain documentation of the prescription drug history of the individual being treated; and
  2. In the case that an enrolled provider is not able to conduct the PDMP check, the providers shall maintain documentation of efforts, including reasons why the provider was unable to conduct the check.
  3. The PDMP check does not apply to clients in exempt populations:
    1. Individuals receiving hospice care;
    2. Individuals receiving palliative care;
    3. Individuals receiving cancer treatment;
    4. Individuals with sickle cell disease; and
    5. residents of long-term care facilities described in 42 USC 1396a(oo)(3)(A)(ii).”

You can view the administrative order here 141-3855-100121.pdf ( and learn more about the PDMP at