All About Smiles Clinic member article
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All About Smiles is changing dental plans

On Sept. 1, 2017, All About Smiles Dental Clinic switched from the dental plan, Capitol Dental, to Advantage Dental. Members were notified by mail prior to this change.

During the transition, members who chose to stay with All About Smiles Dental Clinic don’t have to do anything. EOCCO automatically moved them to Advantage Dental on Sept. 1, 2017, and mailed them a new ID card.

For these members, their dental benefits and dental clinic stayed the same. They also had the choice to continue seeing their current dentist or pick a new one to see for dental care.

Members who wanted to stay with Capitol Dental needed to change their dentist. They were asked to call EOCCO Medical Customer Service at 888-788-9821 before Aug. 31, 2017.


For questions about All About Smiles Dental Clinic, please call EOCCO Customer Service at 888-788-9821 (TTY user, call 711).