Important Change: Bi-Mart pharmacy closure and EOCCO Pharmacy Network update
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Important Change: Bi-Mart pharmacy closure and EOCCO Pharmacy Network update

As you may know, Bi-Mart has announced the closing of their pharmacies with the intention to move all prescriptions to Walgreens pharmacies. You can find the pharmacy the prescriptions have been transferred to by location at

In the event prescriptions cannot be transferred, EOCCO members may need prescriptions sent to the new pharmacy. The effective date of this change varies by location. EOCCO has no information as the specific closure dates of individual Bi-Mart pharmacies.

Prescription file transfers to Walgreens is expected to be complete by January 2022. Currently, Walgreens is out-of-network for EOCCO but will move to in-network effective January 1, 2022. Depending on the region and geography, if there is not a Walgreens location nearby, the prescription will be directed to other network pharmacies (e.g., Albertsons/Safeway).

We have mailed letters to members making them aware of this change and offering the following guidance:

  • Ensure prescriptions are transferred to a nearby pharmacy of their choosing. The letters included a customized list of nearby in-network pharmacies.
  • Reminder of the mail order pharmacy option for chronic medications, if appropriate. Preferred mail-order pharmacies are as follows:
    • Postal Prescription Services (PPS): or 800-552-6694
    • Costco: or 800-607-6861

EOCCO wants to make this transition as easy as possible for our members. Our intent is to make you aware of this change in the instance that prescriptions are not automatically transferred, and a new prescription needs to be sent to the new location. To locate network pharmacies, go to, select “Find a Provider” and search for a pharmacy.