Cultural Competency and Ethics For Healthcare Professionals 2021
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Cultural Competency and Ethics For Healthcare Professionals 2021

Please join EOCCO and GOBHI for Cultural Competency and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals on Wednesday May 12 and Thursday May 13, between 8:30am to 12:00 pm Pacific Time.

Course Description

In today’s environment of rapidly changing demographics, health care providers encounter increasingly diverse patients. Patients from a variety of cultural backgrounds bring with them expectations, anxieties, fears and needs that may seem very unfamiliar to providers.

To provide optimal care to ALL patients, providers must continue to improve the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to bridge the wide range of cultural differences their patients present.

In these interactive sessions, participants will engage in a series of discussions and activities designed to improve their ability to bridge cultural differences in health care encounters. Topics will cover three main areas of content: participant self-awareness, participant knowledge and participant skills. The cultural agility model will be highlighted as an inclusive way to identify, honor and accommodate the cultural differences and similarities between providers and patients.

The class will provide a frame of reference for understanding bias and cultural differences (your own and others) as well as providing tips and tools for delivering care to multicultural patients.


April Lewis, BA, MS, is a co-owner of and trainer/consultant for Figure 8 Consulting LLC. April has more than 20 years’ experience in cultural competency, diversity, and intercultural organizational development. Her dynamic and charismatic style engages audiences with her knowledge, skills, sense of humor, and her passion for combining fun with learning.

Carol French, BA, MA, is a co-owner and trainer/consultant for Figure 8 Consulting LLC. Her background is in education, where she served as a counselor, teacher, and diversity trainer. Carol has had decades of experience in curriculum development, and her interactive training style was developed and refined in classrooms and on ropes courses where she operated with humor, fun, and the philosophy that learning is best when it is experiential and involves the whole person.

Join us in this engaging and informative training aimed at improving the quality of health care we provide through Culturally Responsive and Implicit Bias-informed care!

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